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Our Google remarketing services are based on immaculate data and analysis. Being a forefront player of the industry for a very long time, we know the specifics to design a premier Google remarketing campaign.

Why Is It Worth Investing In Google Ads Remarketing

Usually, a vast percentage of people visit a business website and leave before engaging in any transaction. But that does not mean all the people who didn’t convert were disinterested in you what you are selling. Maybe they were navigating through your website on the go and the internet connection started acting up in the nick of time. Or maybe they are thinking through the benefits your products or services have to offer them. Google ads marketing is designed to target these individuals. It enables you to pursue all those people who demonstrate some sort of curiosity towards your brand. That way, they are constantly reminded of your presence, which increases the odds of conversion big time.

How Can We Help You

Your SEO Shop has been a dependable shoulder for several brands when it comes to Google remarketing services. Our team is equipped with an ample amount of experience and qualifications to create customized campaigns for you. Knowing that technology plays an instrumental role in the digital marketing world, we make sure to stay on top of the high-end tools. Your SEO Shop can even provide the transcripts of calls that are the direct byproduct of your Google remarking campaign. If you are into the sales business, calls transcripts can have a solid implication on the overall bottom line.

Stop Your Potential Customers From Going Elsewhere

Only 2 percent of website visitors get converted on average. We make sure you do not let the rest of the 98 percent slip out of your hands so easily.


Google ads remarketing campaign can turn out to be a nightmare if you do not know what you are aiming for. It is like marching forward blindfolded. Are you looking to target people who did not provide email information on your landing page? Or do you want to focus your campaign on people who made it to the checkout page but didn’t complete the transaction? Whatever your goal may be, you must be clear about it right from the get-go. Our experts know the importance of this phase. They dig into a brand and acquire as much information as possible to identify its objectives. Once done, we run your ads on websites where you are most likely to achieve your goals.


Not all people get introduced to your brand in the same way. So you have to follow every potential customer differently. At Your SEO Shop, we offer a wide variety of Google remarketing ads, including standard remarketing, video remarketing, dynamic remarketing, remarketing list for search ads, and customer list remarketing. If you do not get the expected returns with one format, we can always switch to another. Our team keeps experimenting until we hit the ideal arrangement.


Our account manager, along with a dedicated team, keeps an eye on the campaign performance. They closely follow the customer patterns and optimize the ads accordingly. For example, if your customers access the internet more frequently at a particular time, we optimize ads during those hours. It increases brand awareness, leads, and conversion rate tenfold. Since customer behavior is barely constant, we make it a point to refine Google remarketing campaign regularly.

Our highly sophisticated software empowers clients to see analysis from any nook and cranny of the world. If you do not have time for that, we will dispatch a monthly report to your email address.


Despite their launch in 2010, Google remarketing services are still fairly limited to leading companies. However, we have gone out of our way to make them accessible to small-scale companies. All thanks to our budget-friendly packages. This is the biggest reason why more than 90 percent of our customers stick to us. Though we have pre-determined packages in place, you can ask us to devise a Google remarketing campaign that aligns with your financial standing.

What Our Clients Say About Us

It seemed impossible for many of our clients to survive in the industry until we stepped in and turned things around for them. That is one reason why they speak so highly of our technical and non-technical services.


What is Google Remarketing?

Google Remarketing enables you to pursue individuals who have visited your website at some point.

Google Remarketing guarantees a host of advantages to businesses, such as a robust conversion rate, lower cost per click, and improved brand awareness.

There are primarily three formats of Google remarketing ads – Text, image, and video.

On average, Google remarketing costs 0.66 dollars to 1.23 dollars per click. The figure can give you a fair idea about the budget estimations.

Bid, bid strategy, ad schedule, click-through rate, and the frequency of cap setting are the components that determine campaign costs.

Seventy-eight percent of businesses observe growth in conversion rate within just one day. That is what makes Google remarketing one of the fastest result-driven techniques.

Yes, you can. But we would like to give you a heads up that setting up a successful Google remarketing campaign is a hard nut to crack because it requires deep technical knowledge. Therefore, we would recommend you rely on experts.

Yes. The best thing about Google remarketing is that it works for almost all legitimate businesses.

At Your SEO Shop, we keep our clients in the loop about results through a dashboard. Besides, you can always contact our account manager to fetch out any campaign-related information.

We do not have any such requirement. We can design packages to meet your budget.

Creating and managing Google ads requires sophisticated technical know-how. If you are an outsider, the odds are, you may not be able to utilize this tool properly.

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